What is VoxVoi?

Communication and customer reach are the most important factors in customer satisfaction. Easy and fast support through different channels like phone, chat and social media being key pieces of the puzzle as well. When it comes to phone, wrong agents attending phone calls that require different skill sets and people staying on a wrong queue are common problems that many businesses face today.

We enable any business to have an affordable contact center as a service with unique capabilities and enterprise features. You will never miss a call again with our highly available architecture. No upfront cost, no hardware investments.

More info on how it works and what it does can be found here.

  • Never miss or drop a call

    You will never lose a phone call with our high available architecture. In the very unlikely event that we're not able to process a call, the call information is logged to our telecommunication providers and we can notify you as soon as we're back.
  • Dynamic call routing

    Dynamic call routing to correct agents by collecting and sorting data from different systems (CRM, Databases, WebServices etc.). Customers always reach correct departments and agents with the correct set of skills. This is not just static "skills" but also dynamically compiled by your queries.
  • Create Interactive Voice Response menus using Text-To-Speech

    Creating dynamic interactive voice response menus that use Text-To-Speech technology with native voices. No more computerized voice. Customers can also create a branded voice for TTS like an actor's voice.
  • Web initiated calls

    Let customers initiate calls directly from your website to the correct agent allowing him to ask for more information. Instantly engage with your customers and turn leads to sales.
  • Workforce management

    Workforce management for your contact center. Manage shifts, track SLAs and performance counters for your agents.

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